Packaging Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our business, and we have a passion for creativity.

We work in partnership with our customers’ Marketing, Technical and R & D teams, and often leading Designers, to differentiate and add value through innovative packaging.

Our approach to innovation is a clear process driven methodology.

• Identifying specific market trends with the aid of focused research
• Working closely with our customers to explore unfulfilled consumer needs
• Proposing innovative concepts that provide cost-competitive, practical solutions.

Our in-house design experts have access to a wide range of tools, processes and specialist partners. Recent investment in the latest design software and model making equipment (3d printing) has further enhanced our ability to be truly innovative.

In most cases we can offer our customers the possibility of going from an initial concept to a detailed physical model in less than 24 hours. Therefore, Robinson could quickly become an integral member of your packaging NPD team. Certainly many brand owners have told us that our designs and models have been a crucial part of retailer presentations and a key element in consumer panel research.

Robinson has many years experience in delighting our customers, and since we are experts in both injection moulded and rigid paperboard packaging then we have the capability to approach every new brief from a range of perspectives.

With our vertically integrated, one- stop system we can dramatically cut the time needed to get new products to market – reducing costs without any compromise in the design phase.

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