Paperbox Capabilities

Robinson Paperbox has committed significant investment into the latest premium assembly equipment on a consistant basis. With industry “best in class” machinery and technology we can offer a variety of styles and specialist finishes on all our boxes. On our Emmeci lines we can produce many different styles of boxes from conventional box and lid to clam packs, slip cases and shoulder boxes.

Using highly skilled printers in both the UK and Europe, we can offer upto 8 colour UV printing with additional finishes techniques:

Foil blocking, embossing, debossing, film lamination, gloss, matt, soft touch, screen UV.

We have a wide range of materials available from stock ranging from 1000mu to 2500mu in both black and white lined boards. This gives us added flexibility to react to customer demand and fulfil quick turnaround orders. All of our materials are food grade and we can offer virgin board and in some instances 100% recycled boards.