Polish Operations

Our acquisition of Madrox Plastic Packaging in 2014 strengthens our capacity to serve customers in Central Europe. Our Polish operations now comprise two manufacturing plants, in Lodz and Warsaw.

Robinson Packaging Polska S.p. Z.o.o.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Robinson Plc, with a 23,000 sq. mtr. manufacturing operation in Lodz, Central Poland. The location is ideal for servicing global and local customers who are expanding in Central Europe. The Lodz site, established in August, 2005, has seen significant growth, and we continue to invest to meet the needs of existing and new customers in this dynamic region.


The facility already has a reputation for delivering major projects, with high technical and quality standards, to very demanding deadlines. Therefore, we are firmly established as suppliers to the Food/Drink and Toiletries/Cosmetics sectors, plus a number of other markets.

Our flexibility and “total solution” approach is valued very highly by our customers and has been the key to the expansion of the business.

Plastic packaging by Madrox - part of the Robinson Group

Madrox s.p. Plastic Packaging

Founded in 1993, Madrox Spółka Akcyjna Is based in Warsaw and became part of the Robinson Group in 2014. Thanks to the efforts of management and workforce the company has developed continuously and our production floors are equipped with modern injection moulding. blow moulding and injection-blow moulding machines. We design and produce bottles, canisters, jars, caps and other injection parts from the following raw materials: PE, PP, PS, PET, PETG. Our products have PZH certificates for use with foods and cosmetics as well as certificates for secure packaging.

Our many years‘ experience in the production of packaging and the application of the most modern technologies guarantee you receive high quality products at competitive prices. We produce packaging for household chemistry, cosmetics and food products. We design new shapes of bottles and caps to suit our customers’ requirements. Apart from packaging systems we offer individual components, i.e. injection details, caps, bottles, canisters. As well as standard bottles, we make secure packaging and bottles with measurement lines. We provide bottles for WC cleaners and bottles for sprays. We also produce packaging for liquid fertilizers, laundry products and fabric conditioners. In the cosmetics area, we provide packaging for soaps, shower gels, shampoos, nail polish removers and other cosmetics products. For food products, we produce bottles and other containers to suit specific requirements.

For more information on how we can help add value to your business, please contact:

05-300 Minsk Mazowiecki
Stojadle, ul. Kolbielska 53.
TEL (+48)(25) 758-56-89.
Email madrox@madrox.pl

Plastic packaging by Madrox - part of the Robinson Group

Polish operations

Plastic packaging by Madrox - part of the Robinson Group

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